Maryhill Consulting Inc.

an independent professional consultancy

Pat Buckna, president of Maryhill Consulting, is an experienced project manager, instructor, and mentor who understands the needs of clients, executives, managers and team members, who consistently exceeds customer expectations.

Many organizations recognize the need to improve project management and business practices but are uncertain where to begin or how to implement changes. Maryhill Consulting has assisted several companies to improve their project planning and execution practices, has experience setting up departmental and corporate PMO's and has developed a variety of database solutions including hospital patient scheduling, budget and expense tracking, procurement of goods and services, and marketing applications.

Maryhill Consulting Inc. specializes in project management consulting, database development, coaching, mentoring and training. Over the past 15 years, Maryhill has established a reputation among clients as an efficient high-quality firm able to merge technology and common-sense to develop and deliver creative cost-effective solutions.



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